Pressure Vessel

This part is a pressure vessel for a submersible application. The picture on the left shows the outside surface of the Resin Transfer Molded Tube with bonded end fittings.  The part is required to withstand high external pressures from deep ocean submersion  To achieve the necessary strength, the parts fiber architecture was designed out of high modulus carbon fiber braided and resin transfer molded to high tolerances.   Fabricating using this method allows for precise fiber orientation and volume fractions.  Composite reinforcing rings were fabricated and bonded internally as pictured in the image on the right

Robot Leg Guard

This part is a guard for a Biped robot. The picture on the left is the outer facing side of the part.  It is the side of the part that touches the tool during the VARTM molding process.  The picture on the right is the internal side of the part and is not seen.  It is the consumable bag surface and is by nature rough. Fabricating using this method allows for lower cost tooling since it uses a single sided tool.  The consumables in this method are more expensive so it is typically used on low volume production and development parts.

Thruster Preform

This program is for a space application. The preform is a small thruster that our customer densifies using a vapor deposition process.  This part becomes a carbon matrix composite.  The radically changing cross sectional diameter lends itself perfectly to the braiding process.  This program has just been approved for production and is expected to continue through 2017. 


Telescopic Strut

 These parts are telescopic strut links that are combined into a single assembly via the use of bonded end fittings. Once assembled they are used in the aviation compartments on aircraft to support the doors during maintenance.  These parts are uni-directional carbon fiber with an S-glass bias overbraid Resin Transfer Molded,extremely high toleranced tubes. They are serial manufactured in lots of 350.